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Spring 2019

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Tim Davis

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Sensor, Sensor, Sensor, is a project about photography. At its core, photography can be reduced to an act of translation. Light malformed into pixels or rough clumps of silver. Units exact enough to avoid detection and faithful enough to pass as the thing itself. Although, when reduced to a scale of one, these bear little visual resemblance to the image as a whole. In their usual lives, these units; pixels, grain, are given little thought. They are an unavoidable byproduct of the technology used to capture light. Throughout my photographic education I have learned a lot about them, how to minimize, avoid and eradicate. How to confine an image to something that resembles reality, to hide the hand that translates light to “life”.

With this mindset, the photograph, which is sharp, color corrected, well exposed and framed is given the most value. Its ability to translate content is its most prized capability.

In Sensor, Sensor, Sensor, the image lies manifest to itself. The photographic creates the photograph and tells the story of its making.

Lacking precision, they enter the realm of the abstract. The images no longer shout out at the viewer. They cease to be the things outside of themselves. The resulting image is something entirely new, a collaboration between sensor, subject and light.

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