Date of Submission

Spring 2019

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Laura Battle

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The experience of creating this body of work has been about progress and discovery. My pieces have been formed using lines, shapes, and color, through reactionary processes. Shapes interact with each other, responding to the other elements in the piece, either in sync or in opposition to each other. Some lines are infinite, extending past the limitations of the canvas and implying an extension beyond the work of art itself. In this way, I construct imaginary spatial dimensions that I find myself lost within.

I started this body of work cautious and rigid. By introducing the element of chance into my work and experimenting with different painting techniques such as washes, I was able to open up my painting process to different textures, materials, and surfaces, disrupting my previous stagnancy. On this journey I allow my paintings to, in a sense, craft themselves organically, while at the same time maintaining agency.

This series of works is a view into an imaginary world seen from different perspectives. The largest pieces are from a broadened angle, zooming out of a tighter world that is shown in the smaller works. I imagine the smaller works as compact universes in themselves, contained within the lines and forms of the larger ones. In this way, the various perspectives of this world are layered on top of one another.

During this process, I have noticed the emergence of a relationship between the body of the viewer and the works themselves. Working larger has allowed me to experience my ideas in a new way. My hope is that the scale of the larger pieces allows for an immersive experience on the part of the viewer. The larger works possess a sense of infinity and space that reinforces their position as the most expansive visions of my imagined world.

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