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Spring 2019

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Studio Arts

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Lisa Sanditz

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Lisa Sanditz

Abstract/Artist's Statement



The four main paintings that are 6x6 foot are my central concept of the Color by Line theme. In these paintings I chose to work from sketches I made two years ago. My past sketch paintings revolved around a self reflective human figure. As I was thinking about the bigger scale and what those paintings meant to me, I wanted to deconstruct the notion of the figure and really break it down to the basics that for me, revolve around: Color and Line.

My four central paintings are meant to emphasize colors and how lines transform these colors to make an image. In some of the paintings the human figure will be obvious to some while extremely deconstructed to others. I want to emphasize that though I worked from an idea of the human body, this idea is not central to me. In my sketches I was particularly drawn to Matisse works, and often found myself looking back to paintings of women from Ingres’s, ‘La Grande Odalisque’ where the painter idealized a form creating an impossible looking woman, to Willem de Kooning’s ‘Woman I’ where the woman is almost depicted as a monster like creature. I am trying to detach all types of connotations by making the colors and strokes in these works overpowering to the image itself. My paintings have some self reflective qualities, and thoughts of my own body. However, I do not necessarily consider them self portraits as this isn't about me, or my body, or any body, but rather just colors and lines. The surrounding space in which these lines and colors exist is meant to be just as vital as any form or image the viewer might see. Where does “the figure” end and the space begin? To me it’s all connected and the colors and lines all come together to create a whole. I intend for my work to be interpreted by the viewer in whichever way they wish but please keep in mind that in these works the material and formal qualities are what matter most to me. These works are about abstraction, and detaching yourself from a preconceived notion about female nudity in art because here there is none.

I understand that in some of my paintings the nude woman is undeniably there but it is only there because we have been trained to view those particular lines with the female body. Why don’t we immediately assume a straight line could be a silhouette of a female nude? These works are COLOR x LINE.

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