Date of Submission

Spring 2019

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Project Advisor 1

An-My Lê

Project Advisor 2

Tim Davis

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I wasn’t sure if I would find You when I started looking.
but chance has led me to You. and You to me.
and here we Are.

I give You something of me and
I receive something of You.

now there is a photograph,
a record of our moment together.
our moment with You.


I Was Looking for You is comprised of encounters, a yearning for connection, and a deference to the will of chance. It is a search for familiarity in the unfamiliar and unplanned.

A photograph is not one-sided; a portrait is more than the corollary image. I am deeply moved by the act of photographing someone I do not know. I think of a portrait as a shared moment of reflection, observation, and introspection. The resulting photograph is a record of that experience.

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