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Spring 2019

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Daniella Dooling

Project Advisor 2

Ellen Driscoll

Abstract/Artist's Statement

My work stems from a process-heavy and researched-based art practice. Many of the sculptures I create are biomorphic forms that invoke a sense of physicality and a body, while slipping in and out of renderings of natural and post-natural environmental landscapes. In this space of elusive identification, I aim to find merging points for the personal and political, as well as for feminism and environmentalism. My interest in the narrative histories, as well as emotional references of objects, drives my selection of materials. Often pulling from deposited trash, altered through natural processes as well as my own hand, I aim to cultivate a curiosity: in what we discard and how it becomes reclaimed or repurposed. Thus, I create an intersection between the synthetic and organic, while introducing a seam between image recognition and material abstraction. How a piece of plastic is turned over and excavated and then reburied until it almost embodies the image of moss.

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