Date of Submission

Spring 2019

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Art History

Project Advisor 1

Susan Aberth

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This senior project will look at Carl Jung’s The Red Book and how it’s creation was the process by which he healed from his psychotic break, or “deep-sea voyage.” Through the exploration of various other texts by Carl Jung this thesis will endeavor to understand Jung’s psyche during this time of deep turmoil by analyzing the images that he creates and the way in which he creates them. Jung was deeply molded by both Christian doctrine as well as Alchemy and the Occult, thus this project will take into account the specific Christian and alchemical meanings of particular motifs within The Red Book. This thesis will look at the repetitive motifs of the mandala as a mechanism by which Jung healed, and the snake and the tree as signs of the rebirth and regeneration Jung so greatly sought after and found through The Red Book.

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