Date of Submission

Spring 2019

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literature; Literature

Project Advisor 1

Nathan Shockey

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This project offers a complete translation of the first volume of the Japanese manga Appare Jipangu! by Yuu Watase. An essay that examines the relationship between the manga's own content and the literature of the Edo period, and an exploration the author’s intentions behind having her story set in that particular time follows the translation. With the historical content in the manga and the general format of manga, the translation of Watase’s work created more intense challenges in naturalizing the original Japanese, some requiring new methods of translation to be utilized. Watase calls her manga an “Edo-style” comedy, and many of the characters, narratives and themes in her story strongly resemble those found in Edo period literature, which she uses to establish the “Edo style” of her manga. Certain aspects of her narrative also seem specifically written to be used an Edo period setting, as if no other setting worked for the characters or situations that Watase wanted to write about. Examining her imitations of Edo literature and translating them into English conveys how and why Edo literature influences modern writers.

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