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Spring 2019

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Political Studies

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Roger Berkowitz

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I write in pursuit of the question: what is the difference between Friedrich Nietzsche’s overman and the posthuman foretold by transhumanists?

I have found two significant differences between Nietzsche’s overman and the posthuman:

  1. Nietzsche does not advocate for the extension of the human life in pursuit of the overman. Quite the opposite, it will take many generations of births and deaths to bring about the overman. Overlong lives block the way to the overman. Life extension is a universal principle of transhumanism.
  2. Nietzsche hates the value of equality. He despises its Christian origins. He argues that structural inequality, even a rigid caste structure, is most beneficial for bringing about the higher and highest types of man. Every transhumanist pays homage to equality.

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