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Spring 2019

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Yuval Elmelech

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This research project focuses on the ways in which college students, Black, African-American and Hispanic/Latinx, from low-income racially segregated backgrounds navigate their neighborhood and predominantly white institutions (PWI). Importance for this study is focused on how coming from such environments due to socialization and identity can impact their ability to navigate their PWI as well as how they view their neighborhood once they returned during their college years. These students left their own world and step into a new one containing a whole new set of values, norms, and institutions separate from their own. Figuring out ways to navigate this new world can be a difficult process and struggles can persist as these students try to adapt into higher education. At the same time, what happens when they go back home? How do they navigate their original world once they transitioned into a new one? This project will highlight these students’ experiences going back and forth between their low-income racially segregated neighborhood and their predominantly white institution, what it means to navigate two worlds.

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