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Spring 2019

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Project Advisor 1

Jay Elliott

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This project seeks, by way of experimentation with a poetic and lyrical register, to embody in its form and content the expression of the interrelated and co-constitutive relationship between human beings and other animals. It addresses through its form the limitations of philosophy and of traditional notions of rational argumentation in order to expose ways in which such methods of writing about ethics in regards to animals have fallen short of addressing that which brings us close to animals, allows us to touch and be touched by them, and ignites us to act according to a kind of felt and embodied practice of responsibility and duty to the natural world. The project frames itself as situated particularly in our present epoch, and stresses an urgency to re-imagine humanity as a species which is by its nature animal and therefore implicated in, and responsible to, all matters of animality. It hopes to inspire the feeling of biophilia, a kind of love of life and desire for communion and affiliation with forms of life other than our own and proposes the notion of becoming-beast as a partner to the idea of becoming-with, a popular conception in contemporary animal and environmental studies, which speaks to the fact that we are always and must always consider ourselves and one another as necessarily intertwined and interdependent in the processes of living and dying.

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