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Spring 2018

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Justin Foy

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Artificial molecular machines aim to bridge the gap between molecular systems and macroscopic processes. As more complex systems emerge that can perform molecular-scale work, an increasing area of emphasis is scaling up the nanometer motions of artificial molecular machines to accomplish large-scale mechanical work. Azobenzene is an extensively studied molecular switch that undergoes light-driven cis-trans isomerization. The incorporation of azobenzenes into macrocycles and implementation into polymeric materials is promising for converting molecular-level photoswitching into large-scale mechanical work. This project focuses on the initial synthetic steps towards a new azobenzenophane synthon 2 for incorporation into light-responsive materials by way of a bisdibenzazocine functional group. A methodology for synthesizing intermediate bis(2-bromo-5-nitrophenyl)methane has been developed in this research. Its optimization and use as a starting material for the azobenzenophane synthetic target are detailed. Also discussed is the synthesis of a novel azobenzene switching model to be implemented into a macrocycle. In addition to continued synthetic work towards the azobenzenophane target, further research into the photoisomerization of the azobenzene macrocycle and its assessment for application into materials will be conducted.

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