Date of Submission

Spring 2018

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Music; Sociology

Project Advisor 1

Maria Sonevytsky

Project Advisor 2

Lauraleen Ford

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This research, conducted at a musical safe space called the “Root Cellar”, looks at the recent emergence of a new form of aesthetic preferences, called omnivorousness, that challenges Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of taste as only following an elitist model. This study understands the concept of the habitus as something that can evolve with time and social experiences. Moreover, I found that omnivorousness (eclectic taste) isn’t as musically inclusive as past studies have claimed. Omnivorousness is reinforced by technology, with the creation of online music streaming platforms. The mobility and privatization of listening spaces that emerge from technological progress generate new listening behaviors that are still exclusive. Omnivorousness has limits and is constructed of different kinds of omnivorousness. This research concludes by proposing a new understanding of taste, as we should measure musical preferences by what is liked, we should measure it by what is disliked.

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