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Spring 2018

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Stephen Shore

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Rather than trying to configure the world, I’ve found myself open to its unconditional possibilities. I am convinced that the world has configured me. In my own photographic work I have come to find that anything - no matter how mundane or banal - has the potential to entice. In terms of subject matter, I am unable to discriminate against one moment versus another, and furthermore, one object versus another. I find that no matter how familiar I am with a situation, through photography there is always more I yearn to describe. I have the impression there are things that would not be seen and appreciated had they not have been photographed.

What I See Now is a collection of unposed, and uncontrived photographs taken between the summer of 2017 and the spring of 2018. I never went out shooting with a specific idea or concept in mind I wanted to illustrate. As a passive observer of the world, I avoid infringing upon its beauty. Therefore, What I See Now includes photographs that I consider to have “found” me. Whether it be the monumental landscapes of Iceland, a man clutching a bouquet of flowers, or the early morning light reflecting off living room walls, each photograph is taken with the same hand, with the same care and holding the same beauty.

To me, the camera must be convenient and subtle. The minute I hold a heavy DSLR in front of my subject, the air hardens and I feel as if I am intruding. This tone of formality stunts me artistically and there is a built up pressure within myself that this is it, this must be the “perfect” photograph. The accessibility of a small point-and-shoot camera immediately alleviates this pressure of perfection. Therefore, What I See Now contains only images that I have taken on my smartphone. The spontaneous act of being able to see something and subtly take a picture is what enamors me most about this medium.

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