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Spring 2018

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Jean Churchill

Abstract/Artist's Statement

For this project I lead two rehearsal processes with peers, and a movement class for middle schoolers, all of which centered around engagement. I have investigated how my own and others’ engagement can contribute to a rich experience for participants and observers, using collaborative games and storytelling as a means of working with these ideas. I believe in the power of questioning together, as opposed to determining alone. Throughout these processes, we, the participants, have learned from each other and have had to re-negotiate our roles and responsibilities to the work as well as to each other.

Dancing with people is my motivation for making, and through collaborative processes we have been able to create spaces filled with connection, engagement, and care for each other. I find dances in which the participants have a real connection to each other exciting to watch as well as participate in, and I attempt to include the audience in this way. I want the audience to be invested in what is happening on stage because they are seeing genuine relationships; performer to movement, and performer to performer.

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