Date of Submission

Spring 2018

Academic Programs and Concentrations


Project Advisor 1

Barbara Ess

Abstract/Artist's Statement

We are told from a young age, how to act, what is polite, what is acceptable; we start living within restrictions, within boundaries. This causes our conversations to become limited and our interactions tense. To escape from these restrictions we escape to our thoughts, our own private haven where judgment is not passed.

In this project, I explore a world of my creation where the space between our physical world and mental world is bent, or in other words, the bending of fantasy and reality. Being placed in the middle of this other world, things and interactions don’t seem quite right, but are they wrong because we are told they are? In our minds we have imagined this kind of place over and over, so why is it so strange to see its drama played out in front of us?

I play around with the edges of prescribed reality, peeked behind facades and try to explore a world without polite physical boundaries, where fear and fancy is not banished, where pre-existing descriptions of the world do not overrule perception, desire. Where ordinary places and situations are not predetermined.

When our private world mashes with the public world, does it make us feel uncomfortable? We are not quite sure how to act because the facade that we put up disappears when we are alone, but in this world nothing is inappropriate. You have no choice but to just let it consume you, and you must consume it until the walls completely deteriorate and you become unsure of what is right or even where you are. Are you a spy to this world passing through or are you a member of its community?

Maybe things don’t seem quite right. I’m not waiting for permission. Don’t tell me what is wrong, what is right, what is real, what is not. Here anything might happen.

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