Date of Submission

Spring 2018

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Project Advisor 1

David Bush

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I found my mother’s pregnancy diary when I was 12. The diary presents not only the story of my origin, but also the story of how my biological father left my mother. The diary gave me insight into what unfolded while I was growing inside her, and yet, many questions still remain unanswered. I have heard that trauma experienced by the mother is felt in utero alongside her – I worry one of the first feelings I felt was true sadness. Ideally the diary could answer my unresolved questions, but instead I am left to my imagination. The diary cannot tell me if I look more like my father or my mother. The diary cannot show me the look on my mother’s face when my father hung up the phone. The diary cannot give me a taste of my father’s love. To try to answer the ambiguities of my birth, I decided to imagine, to fabricate, and to revisit a place I can never see or know, but could feel while in utero. The photographs I produced are at times fantastical, and offer instead an imagined emotional landscape rather than a faulty recreation of actual events. When I play my mother and biological father’s roles, I embody their physiognomy and the decisions they made. In doing so, I attempt to understand where I came from and who I am.

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Creative Commons License
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Falk 1.jpg (2035 kB)
MOM, Digital

Falk 2.jpg (2762 kB)
DAD, Digital

Falk 3.jpg (4194 kB)
The Ring, Digital

Falk 4.jpg (1790 kB)
Conception, Digital

Falk 5.jpg (1970 kB)
On a Date, Digital

Falk 6.jpg (2911 kB)
The Test, Digital

Falk 7.jpg (2326 kB)
The Dream, Digital

Falk 8.jpg (3440 kB)
Morning Sickness, Digital

Falk 9.jpg (3837 kB)
Good Morning, Digital

Falk 10.jpg (1413 kB)
Empty, Digital

Falk 11.jpg (2529 kB)
Milkshake Cravings, Digital

Falk 12.jpg (2249 kB)
Seeing Wayne, Digital

Falk 13.jpg (4198 kB)

Falk 14.jpg (2813 kB)
The Phonecall Dad, Digital

Falk 15.jpg (1930 kB)
The Phonecall Mom, Digital

Falk 16.jpg (2804 kB)
The Salon, Digital

Falk 17.jpg (2753 kB)
My Father's Hole, Digital

Falk 18.jpg (2239 kB)
The Birth, Digital

Falk 19.jpg (2001 kB)
The Garage, Digital

Falk 20.jpg (2589 kB)
Say Hello, Digital

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