Date of Submission

Spring 2018

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Music; Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Julianne Swartz

Project Advisor 2

Matt Sargent

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Since February 2018, I’ve been listening and recording around Kingston and the town of Ulster; synthesizing interviews, bird song, passing cars, protests, conflict, unique perspectives and oral histories, meetings, optimisms, water, as part of a project called, Place Accumulation: Kingston/Ulster. Using the Dynamic Listening Instrument, an interactive sound sculpture which uses a venn-diagram of electromagnetic fields to allow sounds to be handled as a tactile entity and bended dynamically, sounds are arranged and dispersed back into different locations and events in Kingston. Using a sounding bucket, people in Kingston can listen in, re-arrange, explore, and play with sounds from their overlapping and opposed publics and environments.

My trajectories of enquiry started with a public scoping meeting about the company GlidePath’s proposed fossil fuel plant to be built behind the Hudson Valley Mall, a “We Want a Dream Act Now!” demonstration on Broadway, and a Police Community relations forum at City Hall. These trajectories were followed and have led to intimate collaboration, opportunities for unique sonic exchange, and expanded enquiry and listening.

This project started as a way to use the Dynamic Listening Instrument for and with a place and community, to amplify, map, and transduce relationships between public space, ecology, and empathy. With collaborations, friendships, occupation of public space, attentive listening and open hanging out and deep listening, the Dynamic Listening Instrument introduces a new type of social feedback to a place and community.

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