Date of Submission

Spring 2018

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Economics; Human Rights

Project Advisor 1

Aniruddha Mitra

Project Advisor 2

Peter Rosenblum

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This Senior Project advances the immigrant integration debate, examining the effect of labor market immigrant integration policies on the European labor force. Building on an existing body of literature that examines the migration and immigrant integration debate, this paper assesses the relationship between immigrant integration policies in the EU and the employment rate of the total, non-EU, low-skilled, young, old, and female labour force, by using panel data at the EU level to answer the question, “Can the labor market integration of immigrants lead to positive labor market outcomes as expressed by the employment rate?”. The relationship between labor market immigrant integration policies and the employment rate, was studied both at an EU level and at an individual country level. In order to examine the disparities that exist between the labor market immigrant integration policies and labor market outcomes, a country analysis for Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK was done. On the EU level, a statistically significant positive correlation was found between the total, old, and female population and labor market immigrant integration policies. For the non-EU, low-skilled, and young labor force positive results were found but with no statistical significance. On the country level, the results were also mixed. These results were not well explained by the stated hypothesis that immigrant integration policies will lead to positive labor market outcomes as measured by the employment rate.

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