Date of Submission

Spring 2018

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Computer Science; Mathematics

Project Advisor 1

James Belk

Project Advisor 2

Robert McGrail

Abstract/Artist's Statement

We describe an implementation of the solution to the conjugacy problem in Thompson's group V as presented by James Belk and Francesco Matucci in 2013. Thompson's group V is an infinite finitely presented group whose elements are complete binary prefix replacement maps. From these we can construct closed abstract strand diagrams, which are certain directed graphs with a rotation system and an associated cohomology class. The algorithm checks for conjugacy by constructing and comparing these graphs together with their cohomology classes. We provide a complete outline of our solution algorithm, as well as a description of the data structures which store closed abstract strand diagrams and contain methods to simplify and compare them. The final conjugacy checking program runs in cubic time.

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