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Spring 2018

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Global and International Studies

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Omar Encarnación

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What can explain Argentina and Chile’s post-dictatorial divergence in modes of memorializing violent pasts, considering they underwent similar brutal dictatorships and essentially simultaneous transitions to democracy? While in Argentina, public memorials convey a sense of retribution toward the old regime; in Chile, these memorials emphasize reconciliation and a desire to move on from past violence. Looking beyond differences in their democratic transitions and the state of their economies pre- and post-dictatorship, this project identifies activism of human rights organizations as the primary variable for understanding different textures in the politics of memorializing in Argentina and Chile. In Argentina, the politics of memorialization were motivated by the desire to bring justice and accountability to the old regime, whereas in Chile the activism of social movements was principally concerned with exposing the crimes of the dictatorship as a means to create a unified narrative of the past.

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