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Spring 2018

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Swapan Jain

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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are “one dimensional” allotropes of carbon that exist in single- or multi-walled forms. Single-walled CNTs have an array of fascinating electronic, magnetic, and mechanical properties and can be functionalized in order to manipulate these properties. This research project is focused on investigating how DNA-functionalized carbon nanotubes interact with small molecules—specifically Cisplatin, chosen to act as a model for covalently binding drugs. By sonicating Salmon Testes DNA with raw single-walled CNTs, DNA wraps around the nanotubes in a helical fashion, thus solubilizing the CNTs. The goal of our work is to characterize and understand DNA-wrapped carbon nanotubes (DNA–CNTs) as hybrid molecules via Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy (AFM). Procedural preparation, purification, and drug dosage were all explored. AFM images confirmed the wrapping was successful. Using Raman spectroscopy to study the radial breathing modes of the DNA–CNTs, our work was able to monitor changes in the resonant diameter of the hybrid molecules, providing information regarding the wrapping “character” of the DNA as it interacted with the drug. This research project elucidated how DNA–CNTs respond to Cisplatin, providing useful information regarding the potential for DNA–CNTs to act as in vivo biosensor.

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