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Spring 2018

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Human Rights

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Rojer Berkowitz

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Myanmar’s recent transition towards democracy has caused western leaders to become increasingly optimistic about the future of human rights within the country. However, since emerging on the international stage in 2012, the Rohingya crisis has drastically upset such expectations, leaving the international community in complete shock over the issue. Attempting to shed light on this human rights tragedy, international media coverage has produced an overly simplified depiction of the Rohingya crisis. In addition, very little academic literature exists seeking to explain the root causes of the issue. By utilizing interviews conducted at the University of Mandalay this paper attempts to make sense of how the Rohingya crisis is understood within Myanmar. Through analyzing archival research, contesting historical narratives, and citizenship law this project seeks to lay out the conditions which have created the Rohingya crisis. Failure to take seriously views on the crisis, held within the country, has further intensified the conflict and has arguably worsened the condition of the Rohingya. This project hopes to provide nuanced historic context to the Rohingya crisis, which will inspire new international approaches to addressing the atrocity in Myanmar.

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