Date of Submission

Spring 2017

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Project Advisor 1

Rufus Müller

Project Advisor 2

Thurman Barker

Abstract/Artist's Statement

As a music major at Bard a part of my requirement to graduate was to produce two forty minute presentations for an audience. At Bard I moderated into the classical music department as a vocalist. During my time here I developed an interest in jazz voice, electronic composition, cello performance, and percussion performance. Since my moderation concert in live performance, I always make attempts to connect ideas from books I’ve read including: evolution, human rights, and world peace.

My first senior project concert “Everything is an Experience” happened on the night of the seventh of December, 2017 in the László Z. Bitó '60 Conservatory Building.

The significance of this concert was to persuade an audience that it is possible to find love in a college setting, whether it be romantic or platonic love. In the process of creating the American popular songs for the show, I worked with five colleagues on campus to find meaningful lyrics to instrumentals in which I created while being home over the summer of 2017. Over this summer, I had the pleasure of traveling abroad with the French program at Bard. While abroad in France, I created four songs: with voice & piano, as well as voice bass/acoustic guitar/trumpet. Altogether I created nine songs for this concert. The production of these songs were elevated during the concert with the help of dancers, and theatrical aspects.

My second project presentation “A Seat in the Shop: Hair Follicles” took place on the night of the nineteenth of April, 2018 in the Franklin W. Olin Humanities Building in room 102.

The significance of this concert was to display the beautiful statue of persons of color here at Bard. In essence I would have liked for each person of color at Bard to realize that beauty is just as much in the hands of the individual as well as the beautician or barberists they choose to instill their trust in to revitalize their exterior definition of self. In preparation to this presentation I wrote nine electronic songs revolving around the idea of a barbershop. In the presentation of the show I worked with seven Atlanta Posse scholars who are instrumentalist. I tried to connect electronic tidbits to the presentation of music in the show and this assisted me in creating a modern setting as an artist.

I would like to thank my sproj board for assisting me in the preparation for the presentations: Rufus Müller, Thurman Barker, and John Esposito.

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