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Spring 2017

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Jean Wagner

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Sometimes we build our own prisons and those prisons go through a crucial stage at which time, outside forces such as other people can help retrieve you from the depths of your own imprisonment. Unfortunately, these outside forces usually end up acting against you, sending a person deeper and deeper into the trap they laid for themselves. These outside forces or people usually do not know that they are contributing to the building of a person’s prison. These people act in direct response to something or even anonymously through things such as surveys. Most of the time people dance around the true issues at hand trying desperately not to offend each other or say the wrong thing. This does nothing but strengthen the bonds that hold the imprisoned person. Words like policy and guidelines act like barriers and trap people within the framework of the system. That system is designed to restrict the individual in the hope of control over the many. Those on top are all about up holding these policies and rules even when extenuating circumstances require them to act outside the bounds or rules that cannot truly fit every situation. The foundation of the prison is built by the individual and strengthened by society because society has created a prison for itself and refuses to step outside the bounds of that prison to help those that need it most.

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