Date of Submission

Spring 2017

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Ken Buhler

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This show XXVII is truly a testament to the changes I have made through these last four years. My art from a few years ago was unsure of its identity and style. When I started using a technique of staining and liquid paint I felt as though I was more articulate through my art. I had found my language and my words. The large gestures like phrases and the smaller marks and the staccato of the sprays of paint were like a reply.

In my artwork there is a strong emphasis on process and spontaneity. While I learned to understand and work with the wet paint I also was faced by its subtle but inherent unpredictability. With this I had to accept a freedom and spontaneity in my practice and have a level of playfulness that hopefully can be seen in XXVII.

. Even though the work is process and material based, I have pushed myself with color and texture to produce a connected yet distinct body of work.

My vision of this exhibit was not only to create a visual conversation but to also create an atmosphere in which it can exist. This can be seen through interactions of colors such as the interactions between warm and cool colors, active and kinetic space, the contrast of transparent and opaque paint. My hope is these interactions generate spaces or portals for the viewer to enter and lose themselves in.

"You have to know how to use the accident, how to recognize it, how to control it, and ways to eliminate it so that the whole surface looks felt and born all at once."

-Helen Frankenthaler

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