Date of Submission

Spring 2017

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Computer Science

Project Advisor 1

Khondaker Salehin

Abstract/Artist's Statement

With the growing population of Bard College, the need for the college’s shuttle system continues to grow. As a result, enabling the Bard community to quickly and easily access the shuttle schedules and times, has also become more important in the daily of life of Bard College's inhabitants. Although Bard College has a mobile application for Android and iPhone mobile devices alike, there was a growing demand for a new improved shuttle application for Android mobile devices. This project seeks to improve the functionality, user friendliness, and availability of shuttle schedules to the Bard Community, in the form of a new mobile application. This project comprises of three parts: application design, implementation, and beta-testing. The application design consists of the design and structure of the user interface and backend database. The implementation consists of what tools were crucial to the development of the application, such as the type of database used to store shuttle information, the programming language used, and the development environment, just to name a few. Lastly, beta-testing consisted of a small group of Bard students that volunteered to use an early version of the application for a specified amount of time to provide feedback for possible changes and improvements.

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