Date of Submission

Spring 2017

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Asian Studies

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Wah Guan Lim

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During an age of revolution, Chinese women writers began to emerge. While the country was going through an internal struggle for modernity and cultural rebirth, women fought their own battle to make their voices heard from within the literary field. This thesis investigates various stories by Chinese women writers published between the years of the May Fourth Movement and well into the Cultural Revolution. This investigation endeavors to illustrate the changing “New Woman” ideology, originally coined at the beginning of the May Fourth Movement, as well as analyze the various themes in women’s work such as love, marriage, family, social structures, and social behaviors. This thesis will ponder upon the subversive aspects of women’s writing that make it distinctly different from their male counterparts that has left a lasting impression on Chinese writers today. As a result, this thesis will also serve as a lens through which the reader can view the age of revolution in early 20th century China.

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