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Spring 2016

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Christopher LaFratta

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Zhe Mei and Christopher N. LaFratta

Bard College, 30 Campus Rd. Annandale-on- Hudson, NY 12504,

Abstract: Glucose fuel cells (GFCs) have attracted tremendous attention because of their stable and considerable power output through the coupling of the glucose oxidation reaction (GOR) at the anode and the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) at the cathode. The catalytic property of graphene and the related hybrids have been widely studied due to their extraordinary electrical and mechanical function. The catalytic properties of Co, Au, Pt hybridized nitrogen doped graphene (NG), bare NG, and Pt/C are compared by cyclic voltammetry (CV). The microfluidic device is built from a Nylon block and patterns are designed with a milling machine. Preliminary results show that fluid diffusion will significantly influence the inductive current. Thus a self-pumping fuel cell will be built. Computational simulation is used to predict the electrochemical reaction and the fluid dynamics of the tested fuel cell.

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