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Spring 2016

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Christopher LaFratta

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The goal of this project is to develop a new approach to the microlithography of gold electrodes in a single step. Gold is widely used for lab-on-a-chip electroanalytical applications and is usually patterned using photolithography followed by thermal deposition. Our method combines two well-known techniques, photochemical reduction and electroplating, to compensate for the drawbacks of each. Separately these processes have limitations, such as cost of production, resistivity and mechanical strength. However, theoretically if photochemical and electrochemical reductions are done on the same singular species, the resulting solid could avoid these weaknesses. There is also potential that the solid produced would harness the advantages of either technique, for example, electroplated metal is extremely smooth and has a low resistivity. This new technique: Microscopic Photochemical LAser Traced Electrodeposition (μPLATE) is investigated by studying the photochemical reduction of Au(lll) to Au(l) and the electroplating of Au(l) to Au(0) in the vicinity of a laser focal point.

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