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Spring 2016

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Historical Studies

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Sean McMeekin

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The end of the Second World War was brought about by the combined efforts of the Grand Alliance between President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States, Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain and Marshal Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union. Even though the Allies of the Second World War were one of the few examples of successful alliance throughout history, the alliance was not formed simply for the greater good of humanity but one of necessity. Beneath the atmosphere of cooperation, each leader aimed to satisfy the war aims of their own but despite their differences. However, none was allowed or willing to set aside the differences as national interests were at stake. My work will examine the interactions between the leaders of the three nations and how they fight among themselves to get their way while at the same time trying to win against a common foe. Before the three successfully defeated their enemy or even fought one, they waged their own war on the table to protect their national interests against their own allies.

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