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Spring 2016

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Political Studies

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Omar Encarnacion

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The U.S. has been successful in cooperating with the Mexican state to implement broad immigration law (intended to strengthen the rule of law). This particular example of collaboration materialized most concretely in 2014 with the enacting of Plan Frontera Sur, a program that allows the Mexican government to expand its policing institutions. Plan Frontera Sur was officially (but not publically) funded by US congressional (foreign) law: The Merida Initiative (Plan Mexico). Plan Mexico was a legal program that recognized crises and addressed it in 2008. Prior to 2008, in 2004, The Security and Prosperity Program was also enacted by the U.S. as an attempt to address the issues of development.These were different particular forms of law with the same shared objectives. These legal examples were predecessors to the 1995, North American Free Trade Agreement. NAFTA was a transnational economic agreement that decreased regulation on trade and market expansion. By creating legal programs with absurdly violent economic and social consequences, U.S. and Mexico strengthened their rule of law.

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