Date of Submission

Spring 2016

Academic Programs and Concentrations


Project Advisor 1

James Bagwell

Project Advisor 2

Thurman Barker

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Network is a compilation of my work, collected from some of my collaborations where I represent the diversity and chaos of my musical career.

In the first half of this double album I explore drumming along to a dear friend’s (Leach) music, trying to add a little bit more of a live flavor. What made this more of a challenge was that I would not be able to record with an actual drum set that semester. I had to improvise and set up an electronic drum kit inside of a friend’s house. Jack Moulton was that friend. He also acted as my engineer for this experimental process, as well as for the majority of Network. While I was disappointed to not use real drums, or have studio access, I am proud of the result that came from the improvisation that was needed to create the recording of Leach’s music on Network, pt. 1. No recording studio, no real drums, just using all that was available to the best of our ability. The ShitKill recordings on Network, pt. 1 were songs that we had been working on for a while, and the opportunity to utilize the Bard College recording studio for the first time provided a certain set of challenges, but provided better focus for where we wanted our music to go.

The second half of Network really shines for me. It opens with six completely original compositions written by Daniel Risdon and myself. Being more familiar with the studio is evidenced in these recordings. I also got to realize my dream of recording live instruments with Leach in a commercial recording studio. Jack and I went to “Room 17” in Brooklyn, NY and added a plethora of new instrumentation to Leach’s pop anthems. These songs are now bigger, brighter, and warmer. I added live drums, bass, guitar, and percussion to these songs and I think they make for a much more human / engaging experience. I am very proud of this collaboration.

Working on Network this year has been an exciting opportunity for me to explore and expand my musical interests and abilities. It feels like a great launch towards my future as a musician.

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Creative Commons License
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(Sproj 1) 01 Spilt Milk.mp3 (5871 kB)
Spilt Milk (Sproj 1)

(Sproj 1) 02 Roman Candles.mp3 (8328 kB)
Roman Candles (Sproj 1)

(Sproj 1) 03 Tru Luv.mp3 (5086 kB)
Tru Luv (Sproj 1)

(Sproj 1) 04 Tiptoes.mp3 (8180 kB)
Tiptoes (Sproj 1)

(Sproj 1) 05 Network.mp3 (19461 kB)
Network (Sproj 1)

(Sproj 1) 06 Let Go.mp3 (9141 kB)
Let Go (Sproj 1)

(Sproj 1) 07 Hate Somebody.mp3 (11153 kB)
Hate Somebody (Sproj 1)

(Sproj 1) 08 Judgements.mp3 (8868 kB)
Judgements (Sproj 1)

(Sproj 1) 09 Do It.mp3 (6321 kB)
Do It (Sproj 1)

(Sproj 2) 01 Punching.mp3 (8800 kB)
Punching (Sproj 2)

(Sproj 2) 02 Gloom.mp3 (11135 kB)
Gloom (Sproj 2)

(Sproj 2) 03 Comedown.mp3 (11194 kB)
Comedown (Sproj 2)

(Sproj 2) 04 Afterthought.mp3 (10022 kB)
Afterthought (Sproj 2)

(Sproj 2) 05 Alone.mp3 (10551 kB)
Alone (Sproj 2)

(Sproj 2) 06 Human Garbage.mp3 (11775 kB)
Human Garbage (Sproj 2)

(Sproj 2) 07 Tiptoes.mp3 (7818 kB)
Tiptoes (Sproj 2)

(Sproj 2) 08 Tru Luv.mp3 (5191 kB)
Tru Luv (Sproj 2)

(Sproj 2) 09 Spilt Milk.mp3 (7313 kB)
Spilt Milk (Sproj 2)

(Sproj 2) 10 Roman Candles.mp3 (8738 kB)
Roman Candles (Sproj 2)

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