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Spring 2016

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Leah Cox

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I am interested in how failure, promiscuity, irrelevance and delight can live simultaneously in a process based space. Dancing lives in between knowing exactly what and not knowing at all. Dance is my middle, my way of being even when disjointed, discombobulated and on the brink of failure; dancing enchants my inner freak. I actively try to cultivate a process as a place of exploration, research and investigation with permission to change, evolve and develop into something very different from the initial starting place. How my process can live in between pleasure and function, meaningfulness and abstraction, investigation and direction is relevant in keeping a process complex and stimulating. Searching for what is revealed through process and not what is given to benefit the product is where I seek to depart from dissecting a work for its content. I am interested in work that raises questions, feelings and ponderings without clear answers. I don’t know what I want to make, but that does not mean I can’t find out along the way. It is here that I find vitality, it is here that I begin.

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