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Spring 2016

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Bruce Chilton

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“Old Time Quiet in a Breathless Age: Faith, Virtue, and the Strength of the Social Gospel at Trinity-Pawling School” is a Senior Project by Donald Evan Kanouse submitted to The Division of Social Studies of Bard College. This project presents All Saints’ Chapel, located on the Trinity-Pawling School campus in Pawling, New York, as a transhistorical symbol of the School’s religion and of its core ideology. Its chapters demonstrate these claims by using both ethnographic and archival research to delve into conceptions of faith, virtue, and masculinity as they were once defined by the School’s founder, Dr. Frederick Gamage, and his contemporaries. The project’s central objective is to begin the process of reconciling the campus Chapel - a fixture that now appears strikingly out of place to some - with Trinity-Pawling’s present culture. Ultimately, it suggests that the Chapel remains relevant today, perhaps more so now than ever as both the School and its students adapt to new problems and influences.

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