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Spring 2016

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James Felkerson

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This paper examines the developments that lead up to the government bailout of General Motors and Chrysler in 2009. The purpose is to examine and discover the historical, industrial and financial factors that drove American cars into the ground. In today’s society, the perception is that foreign automobiles are superior to domestic vehicles. This comes half a century after culture in the United States circulated around the American automobile. The American big business techniques built a manufacturing empire, differentiated the US from the foreigners and then weakened the long-term development of the automotive industry. Financialization became a support in an attempt to support a crumbling system. Each individual strategy was successful in the short term but came together to negatively influence the long-term industry. These elements conclude a self-destructive fate of the US automobile manufacturers. The bailout was not the fault of the nation but rather the responsibility of the Big Three.

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