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Spring 2016

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Historical Studies

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Tabetha Ewing

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The Hampden Estate is one of the oldest sugar estates in Jamaica and to this day the rum that comes from its distilleries is still well known throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Perhaps a little more obscure is that circa 1824 a Presbyterian chapel was established on the estate. This event is unremarkable enough except that one may not expect to find that, although many of the mostly Scottish staff of the surrounding estates including overseers and bookeepers came, many were not able to find seats. This was because the enslaved of the plantation were occupying the pews. This was just one example of the way that the Christian missions to Jamaica, beginning with the Moravian sect, whose missionaries first arrived in 1754, was a challenge to the delicate social hierarchy that existed in Jamaica at the end of the 18th century.

Senior Project submitted to The Division of Social Studies of Bard College.

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