Date of Submission

Spring 2016

Academic Programs and Concentrations


Project Advisor 1

Leah Cox

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I want to create work that finds a home where ever it is performed. Work that can be mobile, but also sink into the characteristics of a particular space. My excitement lies in the opportunity to foster a new way of viewing, and consider a choreography that abstracts the dimensions of the dancing body. Questions of public versus private, and how it counters the pre-determinacy of a theatrical setting. How is performance ignited by the public eye? What is the relationship between the body and a space? How does the body respond to extremities in architecture? Especially while retaining a sense of integrity and sensation in movement? How does the space hold the movement and how does the movement assert itself in the space? I alter between a precedent on the work’s identity of where it is performed, in opposition to a malleable quality that emerges from letting it travel. These loose and investigative questions prompt my curiosity in site-specific dance making. As I continue to generate work I will pursue the performativity of the space I choreograph in, and how that supports the humanity of the dancers who enliven it.

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