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Spring 2015

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Film and Electronic Arts

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Peter Hutton

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Andrew Campoli Sunnyland 04/27/15 Sunnyland is a documentary focused on a former Bard band, known as Bamboo House when at Bard, and the recording space they have cultivated in Germantown, known simply as Sunnyland. The film was shot on VHS and is a mix of documentary and music video-esque analog video processing moments. Sunnyland explores the relationship between older analog technologies and digital techniques both through it's medium and it's subject. The band navigates this relationship through their music and recording techniques which mix the old and new both technically and stylistically. They use analog mixers, pedals and effects that ultimately feed into a state of the art Mac and achieve a sound which is hard to pin down chronologically. Despite the dated medium, Sunnyland, also employs video techniques that are made possible by modern invention, for instance drone footage and video time lapse as well as modern digital editing software. The effects in the music videos, however, are all achieved through the introduction of audio signals from their music injected directly into the analog video signal generated by the VHS tape and player. The documentary elements function to give the viewer an understanding of their recording process as well as a taste of what life is like at Sunnyland. The documentary's focus is mainly on the minutia of this creative space; in Sunnyland the process takes center stage.

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