Date of Submission

Spring 2015

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Project Advisor 1

Luc Sante

Project Advisor 2

Marina van Zuylen

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This project analyzes the unclassifiable works of Sophie Calle and Chris Kraus in relation to the need of a new genre for a new generation. The mark of a new millennium was repercussive in how identity is formed. We are innately multiple; our identities are fractured, divided amongst our core influences: culture, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. In this project we explore not only means of coping with this new fragmented identity, but examine works that have emulated this process and documented its unfolding; through the use of multiple mediums—photography and text—in the case of Sophie Calle, or with Chris Kraus, the creation of a new genre, Lonely Girl Phenomenology. Using Kraus’s, “I Love Dick,” and Sophie Calle’s, “Double Game,” and “Take Care of Yourself,” we examine how resisting classical structure can appeal to modern stream of consciousness. We will dissect the relationships between the public and the private; the present and the absent; the subject and the object; the game and the rule; the seducer and the seduced.

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