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Spring 2015

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Erica Lindsay

Abstract/Artist's Statement

These three suites represent the coming-to-a-close of my musical education at Bard and hopefully exemplify my growth in writing, arranging, producing, and playing. This musical release has been an exercise in pushing personal boundaries and covering uncharted territory in my compositions, as well as studio skills. Although there has been a steep learning curve in the last year, it has lead to noticeable improvement in my notation and arranging and has been boiled down to around a quarter of an hour of densely packed music. Choosing to record original music as opposed to performing in a concert has allowed for more ambitious arrangements, which would have been a scheduling nightmare to coordinate and likely unfeasible in a live setting. It also caters to my goals post-grad to work in recording studios as a session musician/producer, further familiarizing those practices. This process has helped me hone my identity in the studio and although there has been some necessary troubleshooting, it has all better prepared me for my future in music. Seeing my compositions come to fruition with the help of my peers has been one of the most reassuring aspects of my college career. The benefit of being in an environment so concentrated with talent eager to collaborate has become only clearer as my time here draws to a close. There is a unique bond born between impressionable young adults working together to achieve some kind of creative product, under the auspices of undergraduate education. It becomes very obvious that there is an academic undertone for all involved, where each participant is actively realizing that he or she will come away from this experience having gained something important. I've learned quite a lot from my peers and it is not without them that I could have done this.

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