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Spring 2015

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Thomas Hutcheon

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Senior Project submitted to The Division of Science, Mathematics and Computing of Bard College.

The purpose of this research was to investigate the influence of perfectionism, contingencies of self-worth, fat phobia, and acculturation on eating disorder symptomology of Asian Americans. This study examined prevalence rates of disordered eating in Asian Americans and White Americans, the relationship between disordered eating and acculturation, and how risk factors of eating disorders are differently associated to disordered eating in the two populations. Female undergraduates (N = 41) completed measures of disordered eating symptomology, acculturation, appearance and body-weight-and-shape contingency of self-worth, fat phobia, and perfectionism. Overall, it was found that Asian Americans exhibited higher disordered eating symptomology than White Americans, and that their disordered eating was positively associated with acculturation. Furthermore, it was found that Asian Americans’ disordered eating was more strongly associated with perfectionism, contingencies of self-worth, and fat phobia, compared to White Americans. Findings regarding higher disordered eating in Asian Americans than White Americans indicates an underreported prevalence of eating disorders in Asian Americans. Western-based treatment models are discussed to consider the impact of acculturation on the development of eating disorders in Asian Americans.

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