Date of Submission

Spring 2015

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Political Studies; Global and International Studies

Project Advisor 1

Sanjib Baruah

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Modern Ukraine faces a major threat to its territorial integrity and post-Soviet sovereignty - Crimea has been annexed while separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk continue to fight for independence. These problems, however, are not entirely new - they cannot be traced back to a single moment, whether it is NATO’s expansion into Russia’s traditional sphere of influence or the European Union’s eastward expansion. Modern Ukraine is the product of centuries of colonization and subsequent decolonization. These processes have created the issue of compromised identities. Groups of people, finding themselves under new flags and constant uncertainty, must now coexist in new nations. This project focuses on using another region with a history of colonialism, Kashmir, as a comparative example of where Ukraine might be heading as a result of the processes of decolonization and subsequent compromised identity politics that have resulted. The primary finding of this project is that following the Kashmiri narrative, Ukraine’s current problems are only just beginning - and violence may continue.

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