Date of Submission

Spring 2015

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Lisa Sanditz

Abstract/Artist's Statement

My notebook doodles are the focal point of this senior project. I started the first one in Acoustics class (physics, doing it for my distribution requirement) to quell the boredom and help me focus. My small dose of as-perscribed Adderall before that 8:30 class gave me enough focus to fill the top half of the page with a matrix of lines and dots. I continued creating these doodles on notebook paper, scrapping most other artistic experiments at the advice of my midway board. The gel pens were affordable, reliable, and satisfying. The notebook pages had rigid guidelines, making it so I did not have to wrack my brain to invent the composition every time. Replicating these doodles, I amazed myself with the infinity of combinations for patterns and shapes. Variables like size ratios, solid/blank/striped, size, frequency, and intricacy make each shape a thumbprint in singularity. My doodles have been likened to rugs, but for me, they are more like music scores, architecture, oscilloscopes, mandalas, texts, or animations. They are designs, but NOT prototypes. The other works in the project are manifold riffs on doodling: experiments prompted by faculty, friends, and acquaintances. Antsy Doodle Dandy was the discovery of a new form(ula), and the beginning of a new epoch in my artistic learning.

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