Date of Submission

Spring 2015

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Lothar Osterburg

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This installation explores the word “home” and what it means to different people. I began this project because, as a college student who is soon to graduate, the word “home” is a difficult one – is it home with my parents? Is it my temporary living space while at school? Will it be the unknown place I am going after graduation?

I pushed my exploration of what “home” means to me by creating personal pieces based on interviews I had with other people. In the interviews we would talk about what “home” meant to the interviewee, but I found that in each interview there was a something that resonated with me. I used the moments where the interviewee and I connected as the foundation for a series of “homes.” Each home represents the home of two people – of the interviewee and of myself.

The installation as a whole is an exaggeration of a moving day; and, once this installation ends these boxes will actually be used when I move to my next home. As I move I will be packing up what I know about my home and unloading it in a new place. I have left it up to the viewer to decide if this is the moment where everything is packed up and ready to go, or if this is the moment just before unpacking in a new home.

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