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Spring 2015

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Jean Wagner

Abstract/Artist's Statement

This is not a play about Denmark, Doubt, or Dreams. This is not a play about murder or sexism or rising up from your seats in some sort of blue collar revolt against the powers that be. I am not asking you to join me in some class consciousness cause. I am not asking you to become analytic or detached from what you are seeing. What I am asking you to do is to think, not about the actions of the play, but the choices. Think about the choices the characters make, the choices the actors make, the choices I make, but most of all, the choices you make from the moment you first open your eyes and dare to look. To look and ask questions of the world, ask questions and not need answers. Simply wonder, open your eyes and see what YOU see rather than what someone has told you see. Then ask why.

This piece is about the fluidity of characters. i am creating a world in which witches can paint ideas into being. sometimes this means switch personalities and some times it means painting prophecies onto people. their goal? to fully control their world.

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