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Spring 2015

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Gideon Lester

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Vincent-A Solo Performance

Artist Statement

Patrick Cuervo Dwyer

At the onset of every project whether it be as actor or as part of an ensemble; a writer, or as a theatre/film maker; it is important for me to check in with myself and make sure that I am approaching the task at hand with earnestness. A genuine curiosity and personal resonance for any work that I do is paramount. I strive to cultivate honesty both onstage and in my writing. When portraying characters, rather than getting “lost” in the character, I instead try to “find” myself in whomever I playing; attempting to reach a place that feels most truthful. With my solo performance Vincent, my aim is to candidly display the tormented psychological state of one of the greatest painters in the western tradition, specifically through his relationship with his brother and father. The performance employs live sound manipulation, creating ambient textures for the action onstage that will create different experiences for audiences depending on which night of the week they attend. Both set and costume design are of a minimalist aesthetic, drawing viewers into Van Gogh’s dark unnerving world and highlighting the performance of several distinct characters. The overall aim of the piece is to translate the extreme pain and deep humanity of one of the most brilliant men to ever put brush to canvas.

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