Date of Submission

Spring 2015

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Psychology; Interdivisional Concentrations; Experimental Humanities

Project Advisor 1

Amy Winecoff

Project Advisor 2

Maria Cecire

Abstract/Artist's Statement

The treatment of psychopathic offenders has been a neglected topic in the clinical field. Most interventions available have failed to address core psychopathic traits and instead, use generalized treatments that solely target criminal risk reduction. These current treatments have been shown to yield unsuccessful results related to behavior change and lead to recidivism. The proposed intervention, Game and Train, acts as a response to the inadequate treatments currently available. Two hundred male incarcerated psychopathic offenders will be recruited and asked to participate in an intensive 6-week intervention, Game and Train, that will be accessed via a smart mobile device. The proposed intervention will target the psychopathic specific deficits associated with empathetic response, response modulation and manipulative tendencies. Game and Train will incorporate gamified techniques in order to keep participants motivated to engage with the tasks and cognitive trainings. It is hypothesized that Game and Train will lead to superior outcomes, compared to existing treatments, associated with successful behavior change in three core deficits of psychopathy. The proposed work serves as a captivating alternative to traditional behavioral interventions which will hopefully evoke a transition in the clinical approach to incarcerated intervention methods.

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