Date of Submission

Spring 2015

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Studio Arts

Project Advisor 1

Julianne Swartz

Abstract/Artist's Statement

Nelson Doak


When I surf I feel an equilibrium, rhythm, a wholeness, synchronicity of myself deeply immersed in a process. Surfing is a complete satisfaction with the moment. This fullness or sensation fills a void that I always carry. I can't say exactly what that void is, but it is comprised of: The weight against moving forward, general dissatisfaction, and a stagnancy that comes from a lack of order or discipline.

My project involves finding the equilibrium or rhythm found in surfing through a creative process. One example is throwing a pot on the wheel which is a momentary experience that is different from any other. It yields an item that seeks an ideal; through seeking that ideal I can see a route for progress and change in myself. This is bigger than making art, it’s an internal dialogue with myself to progress as a person.

For my project I am applying this ideal to….


A physical construct. Attempting to solicit the development of sensory information through reducing the psychic distance between people and things.


Through creating a group of objects within a small, secluded, private environment in order to enhance the capacity for metaphysical contemplation.


To convey a nature based aesthetic model that restores a measure of clarity and proportion to the art of living.

Through practice, observation, and honest dialogue with myself I have worked to create and organize a space which provokes a sense of metaphysical movement with objects.

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