Date of Submission

Spring 2014

Academic Programs and Concentrations

Film and Electronic Arts

Project Advisor 1

John Pruitt

Abstract/Artist's Statement

If within nature were naught


would be akin to hell

If when in time was their not one rhyme

Would be, when? every hour, hell!

A strike to a bell, in that stroke sublime, in that tinniness of tin, arises liturgical rhyme

Rhyme, rhyme again, one rhyme in a wren.

Whenever is when? However?

Again, colossal, and akin within.

A same in their beauty,

inspiring teems

with a goal more faithless than the most faithful wish

a hope so gray and careless and senseless

welcomed deeply and warmly by my powerless prince's

steel--Still, I trialed, dry eyed

but torn

between shedding a tear

and the golden horn blown.

Triumphant, triumph in fantasies

they mean more to me than simply do dreams.

When I awoke and it began

I learned to be let out again, and idly roamed

until in favorful ideal I found

my nook in the notch of the wheel.

By when? by then! And where to begin?

Of course...from there, that's where! That's when!

I'll deliver my desired choice

and from what's there to choose among,

I will combine them, twist them, bend them as the architect of mind, like the sun,

as was done

in January

and now, in the end, and as spring begins

I shall not explain a single thing

beyond that which I truly mean

and won't express a single word

beyond those which were heard and seen

in black, bleak drizzles in rotting skies

against the redness of rain clouds bled of venom sunrise

against the blunt shape of the lunar moon, where the solar excitement with vain grain looms

and fizzes with effervescence.

Daunting trick, like sick and daunting! fickle, zittish!


I capture it!

when its presence booms

like an earthquake in the birthing tomb.

This is the fishy pain from the sea

This is the deafening laughter, indeed,

and the hoarseness after sweetly singing.


and rainwater--bloor-bloop-bloo-fresh!

and can you imagine all of the tiny,

quiet insects that ran

when I stripped sound from the world like skin

but it did not bleed?

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