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Spring 2014

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Jean Churchill

Abstract/Artist's Statement

I am confused by the world, especially the tragic things that happen. Yet I feel better about it when I feel a part of something, or understood. In an attempt to comfort myself, I make work that expresses something that might also comfort someone else.

Tragedy and painful experiences were common throughout my childhood. As I grew older my ability to “handle” events was assumed, and these experiences grew more familiar and out in the open. However, I value each one, for they prompted me to re-examine facets about myself that inform my work- social and personal obligation, my beliefs, sentiments I want to convey, and intentions.

Manifesting in different ways, depressed and anxiety have been at the forefront of my life since I was also a child. I’ve faced troubling moments of hopelessness, frustration, anger and loneliness. Curious to understand, I investigated the events and elements that contributed, which led me to an even deeper personal inquiry. More so, I was struck by how these emotions can alter the way we see ourselves in public. Confronted with wider components involving human interaction, social construct, and communication and language, my work became an exploration in finding solace in a solitary world. It is an examination of self -will, and the potential comfort in shared experience and solidarity.

Upon realizing my desire to work with video and the relatedness between film and a moving body, I was struck by the different ways people can perceive images, and how that informs their understanding of themselves and the world around them. My choreography at Bard represents the integration of my conceptual ideas with my technical, aesthetic interest in film.

Yaël A. Benizri Krinsky

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